It is imperative for the zone of empires to awaken! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

It is imperative for the zone of empires to awaken!

14 January 2022, 11.48
İbrahim Karagül

İbrahim Karagül

The crisis in Kazakhstan transcends petty internal affairs or civil unrest. It is not limited to freedoms and the unfair distribution of income. It does not just concern corruption, authoritarianism, and social unrest. 

It goes much deeper than meets the eye; it is the harbinger of a disquieting future. The very same developments could unfold in all Central Asian Turkic republics. It could transpire in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. Had it not been for the Karabakh victory, it would have happened in Azerbaijan as well.  


Fault lines, power borders

Severe tremors will be experienced at the world’s breaking points, on its fault lines, in countries where the East-West power struggle sounds the loudest, and in regions where power reckonings are shaped.

Every country in the zone extending from Poland to Greece is in the same boat. This is the reason Ukraine is a battle zone between great powers. 

The South Asia line from Turkey to Kyrgyzstan, from Iran to Pakistan/Kashmir is the same; it is the battle zone of superpowers. The area between the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea is no different. North Africa and East Africa are also in the mix.

Every area that encompasses the earth’s main trade routes, maritime routes, supply corridors, and energy access corridors is under threat.


The West lost the biggest war

After winning the Cold War, the West attempted to restrict new empires such as Russia and China in a bid to reshape the world. This is the only reason the U.S. expanded to such an extent in the last three decades: to reinstate Western civilization’s global sovereignty.  

The U.S. and European invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan in the first quarter of the 21st century, as soon as the Cold War ended, their establishment of an invasion zone in the south of Russia, and attempts to besiege China were to this end.

But it failed. The West was defeated in this war. The project failed. However, clashes are ongoing. These power struggles are continuing through resources and financial markets. 


The battle of great powers shifts to Central Asia 

 The West is sustaining these attempts through a covert economic war. The most widespread geopolitical conflicts of the 21st century are continuing as covert world wars. 

Every country along these conflict lines has suffered the same pains. The process that thrived on Velvet Revolutions in addition to hot war, internal conflict, and economic collapses, is the West’s geopolitical intervention. 

Kazakhstan and all of Central Asia are right in the middle of the power struggle between the U.S.-Europe and Russia-China. The fate that was determined for the Middle East in the first quarter of the 21st century shifted to Central Asia. 


Turkey has become a priceless center of gravity! 

 All Central Asian countries, from Eastern Europe to the Chinese border, will experience the tremors of this great conflict. The U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan weakened the West’s hand in this region. The Russian and Chinese effects became stronger. This is why they took immediate and rapid action in the Kazakhstan crisis. 

Because Turkey is the center of gravity for a vast region, it transformed into the most formidable battlefield of this power struggle. It is priceless on the world’s main axis, which we call the Middle Zone, and covers an area from North Africa to the Middle East, and from the Mediterranean to Central Asia. 

This region is more than a center of attraction alone. It has an imperial history, kinship, and a common political culture basin. 



 Turkey carved out its own path, and all hell broke loose 

Turkey was on the West’s axis throughout the 20th century. It was thus expected to remain on that axis in the first quarter of the 21st century. That was the plan. But Turkey chose to draw its own path instead. 

After making this decision, Turkey was determined to implement systemic revisions, and it launched major reforms from foreign policy to security, taking action according to its interpretations of regional breakthroughs. 

This is when the relentless attacks started. All of the West’s extensions in our midst were mobilized. The 2016 coup attempt was the zenith of these attacks as an invasion attempt was launched. 


 The spirit of Istanbul in Ankara

 The West failed at their Turkey mission as well. It not only lost Turkey but also started experiencing astronomical regional losses. Ankara took action with the ancient spirit of Istanbul, with the sagacity of centuries, and imperial experience. 

Coming to the fore as a new player in a vast area from Central Africa to the Middle East, from South Asia to Central Asia, from the Balkans to the Caucasus, Turkey shocked the world. 

This leap concerned the West. The Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) project failed, but they combined all their political affiliates within Turkey, and launched a new civil political war.

This is what is currently transpiring in Turkey. 


Turkey’s call: Let’s build a ‘Super Zone’ at the world’s center! 

Who will be more effective in Kazakhstan and Central Asia: The U.S. and Europe or Russia and China? This war, this power struggle will continue for many years to come. 

Yet, what will become of Turkey? These are two different things. Turkey’s issue is not to choose between the East and the West. Turkey is interested in building a new zone, a new power domain. Thus, this closely concerns both Kazakhstan and all of Central Asia. 

Hence, this process, which gained momentum following the 2016 coup, is strong enough to cause global shocks. Because Turkey is making a call to North and Central Africa, to the Middle East, and Central Asia, saying, “Do not fall victim to the East-West power struggle. Do not oscillate from one place to another. Let us join our powers to build a Super Zone on the world’s main axis.” 


Middle Zone revolution

Turkey can no longer be confined to the West’s axis. It cannot be foisted onto the East either. Turkey is gearing up for a revolution. It is calling regional countries to rise as one. 

It is telling them, “If you do not join this growing wave, you will be the victims, the slaves of the East of the West.” It is telling them, “None of you will be able to preserve your stability, your integrity.” 

Turkey’s suggestion for the 21st-century geopolitical power map is to move itself and the countries it is calling to join powers to the world’s center.


The imperial zone must wake up! 

Think about it, the zone spanning Central Africa and China, predominantly inhabited by Muslim communities, is the world’s center in all respects; economically, politically, geopolitically, and culturally. It is the center of resources and supply corridors. It is the center of maritime and land trade routes. It is the origin of empires. 

Hence, why should we choose between the East and West in the 21st century! 

It is the responsibility of every country, every nation, and every community in this zone to support this great leap. There is no other option.

If they fail to do so, these states will face great disasters, never-ending civil wars, divisions, and invasions, with this becoming the reality of the 21st century.  


An extraordinary age: A ‘Super Zone’ is possible! 

 Hence, the West’s biggest project is to stop Turkey. As a matter of fact, their future project concerning the current zone in question will change as, “stopping them.” 

It may seem like a pipe dream. But the 21st century is the age of extraordinariness. 

During this period Western civilization will regress, and a new and currently undefined, unrecognized power will emerge. 

There is nothing to prevent that force from becoming the Super Zone! 

Let us free our minds. You will see. This is possible! 


This is no dream! The 21st century will witness it

 The events in Kazakhstan, as well as those that are yet to unfold in Central Asia, are Turkey’s issue. We must remain standing, strengthen the central power domain, resist storms, and channel the wisdom and strength of the past into the present! 

This is the greatest shock the world will bear witness to. We can change the game – and we must. We have the capability to redefine all mental and geographical power maps. 

This is not a dream! This century will see that it is not. 

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