How did the 21st century end for the US in a matter of two decades? How did the war against Islam consume the West? Why is Turkey now on the rise? - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

How did the 21st century end for the US in a matter of two decades? How did the war against Islam consume the West? Why is Turkey now on the rise?

13 September 2021, 11.15
İbrahim Karagül

İbrahim Karagül

The events unfolding today were predictable all the way back in 1996. After the fall of the Soviets, the U.S. and Europe became the world’s unrivaled powers, and they would go on to redesign a century according to their whims. No power existed that could stop them. 

The West had entered a new stage in colonial history. The world’s future was being re-established, non-West civilizations would remain underground again, and no effort would be spared for this end.


Chaotic aggression… Muslim rage. 

 They had all the tools, means, power, and wealth needed to achieve this. There seemed to be no threat at hand. This is why the U.S. and Europe’s audacity, greed, and arrogance spiraled once more into chaotic aggression. 

There was a single mobilization around the world; an uprising, a rage, a showdown, an upright stance against injustice and poverty was sprouting in the Muslim world. Monarchies, oppressive administrations, the lack of freedom, and most importantly, and the unfair distribution of income fostered the Muslim world’s rage. 


They realized the growing ‘Muslim threat’

But the real source of the rage was the West’s colonial history. The Muslim world was rising up against the plundering of their wealth, and enslavement through puppet administrations. It wanted these bloody negotiations to end. 

The West acknowledged this threat. In order to eliminate it before it could grow any bigger, after 1996, they concocted concepts such as, “radical Islam,” “fundamentalist Islam,” “Islamist terrorism,” “jihadists,” and the “fight against global terrorism.” 

They first “bought out” the intelligentsia of the Muslim world. Then they bought out its politicians. The plan was to stop the threat internally, end it mentally. 


They planned a ‘century-long siege’

Second, they launched a “century-long siege” plan. They besieged the Muslim zone from Morocco to Indonesia. They implemented a state of emergency order. They invaded countries. 

They launched civil wars, sectarian wars. They conducted the “war against Islam” with such rage and fury that they committed horrific crimes against humanity. 

Third, they infiltrated religious groups and organizations; they took action with the masses to gain control over them. Through the rising wave, they would fight them both internally and externally, and learn how to reign over them. 


They came in droves, ready to plunder… 

If the West could stop this threat, it would re-establish its own global order without running into any obstacles. Hence, they produced New American Century projects. They planned everything as a civilization identity, a way of life.  

They were so sure of themselves that they started to shamelessly intervene in everything, and control everyone’s lifestyle. 

They saturated Muslim lands with their troops, intelligentsia, non-governmental organizations, and intelligence agencies. They were racing to plunder! They turned cities into ruins and undermined nations. 


The 21st century lasted two decades for the West. But why? 

But the sweeping aggression that started in 1996 ended with bitter disappointment in a matter of two decades. The West managed to stay afloat for only two decades of the 21st century. Its plans for a global empire ended with a great disappointment through shocking results. So what happened? 

1- The U.S. failed to interpret the trajectory of the 21st century. It belittled the world. It thought itself omnipotent. It failed to grasp the political history, identity, and power of non-Western civilizations. Or it thought it could crush them. It refused to share global power. It considered itself as “God’s own country.” It estimated that it could exert control over every country, every nation, as well as global finance and resources. 


 You can’t win the war against Islam

 2- The West (U.S. and Europe) failed to realize that one can never win a war against religion. It could not interpret that the war against Islam would bring about its end. It committed suicide by launching the war of civilizations. It failed to comprehend that the old world was making a powerful comeback with new statements and claims. It was blinded by the arrogance of the centuries-long bloody colonial tradition and its victory in the last world wars. 

3- As the West (the U.S. and Europe) fought Islam, it missed or undermined the rise of China, Russia, India, Turkey, as well as other similar countries, through their own dynamics. It did not take into account the world’s rage against the West. This rage cost it a great deal. 


 West losing sleep over Turkey 

The West’s new colonial plans for the 21st-century  have now paved the path to a great collapse. There is a world rising outside the West. A world led by China and East Asia, and Russia and Turkey is taking shape, causing the West to lose sleep. 

Those who reduce the West’s withdrawal from Afghanistan to just the Taliban will be gravely mistaken.  The West will very soon realize that it has completely lost Central Asia. The U.S. will shortly start to face defeat in the Middle East and Africa as well, and thus withdraw. 


Turkey will change the world’s axis. Grasp this! 

 We need to start understanding that the West is now in defense mode; it is focused on preserving what little power it has. We need to start grasping that it no longer has any global order goal, and that these claims are not taken seriously anyway; that some nations are rapidly rising, and that this will continue. 

Turkey is the star of these rising countries. The sole reason underlying all these attacks and inside-foreign interventions is to stop this rise. Because Turkey is acting with the imperial mind of centuries. 

There are very few countries in the world that have such experience. If Turkey rises, the whole region will ascend. Thus, this is the coup de grace to the West.


PKK, FETÖ were not the only ones to cooperate with the West! Who else was involved? 

 Those who launched the war against Islam in 1996 are now trying to corner Turkey with the same concerns. Those who cooperated in 1996 for the West’s global order are now taking a stand against Turkey. 

The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) are not the only ones in our midst that are cooperating with them. 

But the West’s plan to stop Turkey is going to end with a great shock! One needs to pay great attention to who is working on whose behalf in the country.

In this century, everyone will learn that “Turkey cannot be stopped.” 

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