Is Turkey really a threat to the West? How did the ‘foreign front’ against it collapse? - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Is Turkey really a threat to the West? How did the ‘foreign front’ against it collapse?

18 September 2021, 10.04
İbrahim Karagül

İbrahim Karagül

Not a day goes by without the U.S. and European media making extraordinary power claims and issuing warnings of “danger” regarding Turkey.  

Asian media, for their part, comments daily about Turkey’s surprising ascension, even though they do this with some reservations.

The Middle East and Muslim world, on the other hand, proffer “great hopes” about Turkey daily. 


‘Turkey, Russia, and China are a threat to Europe’ 

 This week French newspaper Le Monde listed Turkey, China, and Russia as “forces that pose a threat to the European Union’s future.” 

Russia and China are traditionally seen as perilous in the threat perception of the “Roman Empire” project, which expands from the Baltics to the Syrian border, much like Europe. As the West, both the U.S. and the EU had previously identified this threat. 

This is due to the fact that China suddenly stood against them, and Russia popped up once more in the early 21st century as the U.S. and Europe were preparing to establish a world on their lonesome. Some countries unexpectedly started to gain prominence. 

Thus, their plans collapsed. 


A Turkey fear has been instilled in Europe

But take note, Turkey is mentioned in this category for the first time ever. This is the first time that it is being considered a “global” threat to Europe. The U.S. sees it no differently. 

Turkey, a country they identified once more in the early 21st century as a “front,” as a “garrison,” has suddenly become a colossal power amid the flabbergasted faces of the world in a matter of two decades. 

Major debates ensued over what China and Russia’s rise signified for the West, leading to a global “opinion.” The world is now being formatted through the East-West disintegration. 

However, attempts were made to stop Turkey’s march by weakening it through “obscuration” campaigns, especially within, and through a joint intervention both in and outside Turkey. 


‘Topple Erdoğan, stop Turkey’: What happened to that plan? 

 Leading up to 2023, this local and foreign intervention was transformed into open attacks. Local politics were completely formatted in accordance with this. The media, capital groups, and non-governmental organizations were all redesigned accordingly. They were all fixated on the plan to “topple Erdoğan, stop Turkey.” 

Is it possible that Turkey did not want these discussions to grow any further? As it discreetly took action, with a spectacular geopolitical plan, and with the historical and regional experience of centuries, could it have possibly sought to ease the destructive attacks? 


 Turkey will never step back. Those UAVs are more than weapons

Frankly, as they were busy belittling Turkey and striving to stop it, as they were networking a social crisis within, Turkey has never backtracked.

It has no intention to do so either. They have no chance of stopping this power surge. The global power shifts are paving the way to extraordinary areas of maneuver for Turkey, as well as new opportunities. Turkey’s intelligence and the global power shifts are corresponding. 

Hence, EU countries see Turkey’s achievements in the defense industry, particularly its UAV and air defense systems, not only as an armament but also as a great geopolitical intellect. 

They identify this as part of Turkey’s not only regional but global ascension.


‘Turkey’s awakening’ is a storm. It will shake the earth’s ‘axis’

 Le Monde’s definition of China, Turkey, and Russia is accurate. We consider this an opportunity that will prove as an advantage to the world rather than a “threat,” but we are not offended either that they consider it as a threat.  

Let Europe create its own “definition of threat,” while a “Turkey model,” “Turkey’s awakening” storm breezes from Central and North Africa to the Middle East, from Central Asia to South Asia, and the Balkans to the Caspian. 

This is what we mean when we say, “Turkey will change the world’s axis.” The “Muslim” Middle Zone, which spans Morocco and Indonesia, and comprises the earth’s main axis, is the source of this storm. 


Why is the UAE making a ‘U-turn’? Who was affected by that tremor? 

 The shock caused by U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan caused major tremors in both this region and every other country that relied on America. The countries that had tied their entire existence and future to the U.S. are in a grave crisis. 

We saw this in the most striking form in the Middle East, especially with the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The “U-turn” made by the UAE, a country that had established the “Anti-Turkey Arab Front” with Gulf countries, Egypt, and Israel only a year ago, and inveighed against Turkey in every area of the region, is the most striking example of the new power shift. 

The ”flee from Kabul” caused the real shock in these country’s capitals. Turkey continued discreetly on its trajectory during this process, in an extremely calm and collected manner. It never used a destructive diplomatic tone. 


Look carefully at how the puzzle is coming together! 

Now the UAE and those countries are racing to improve ties with Turkey. They are taking “a right step” toward taking advantage of the rising power through the appeal of investments totaling billions of dollars. 

This new wave growing in the Gulf signifies the elimination of another serious obstacle in front of Turkey. 

Turkey will be present everywhere the West withdraws from. The West will also have to withdraw from the many places Turkey enters. This is how the puzzle is coming together so far.


Just wait and see the ‘U-turns’ within Turkey now! 

 I wrote many articles stating, “If they present us with maps, we will have our own maps to show them.” 

This is because they were establishing a new Middle Eastern order, and changing the borders of almost every country. Everyone knows everything that they attempted – and continue to attempt – to change Turkey’s map as well. 

All the maps the U.S. and Europe designed since 2021 went down the drain. We are aware of this, and they saw it too. 

So, how will these u-turns reflect inside Turkey? 

Is UAE the only one to make this “u-turn”? 

Look at those within. 

We will soon see how alliances and internal fronts collapse. 

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