That night on July 15, orders were given to ‘shoot, kill and crush’ the people - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

That night on July 15, orders were given to ‘shoot, kill and crush’ the people

12 July 2021, 12.38
İbrahim Karagül

İbrahim Karagül

The fifth anniversary of Turkey’s 2016 coup attempt is upon us. We will never forget the most critical of the betrayals of the 21st century that we repeatedly experienced throughout our political history. 

We will remember that those who are playing the victim today had instructed to “shoot, kill, crush, and open fire” on the streets that night. 

If we forget, we may as well drop dead, because it is thanks to those who refuse to forget, who do not sleep that we have been standing on this land for centuries! 

Let us once more take a look at the correspondence of the night of July 15 that explains how the instructions sent from U.S. headquarters in Pennsylvania to the Akıncı Base were implemented by soldiers on the ground belonging to the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ). Here are some of those WhatsApp conversations. 


'Don’t hesitate, crush them'

 Major Mehmet Murat Çelebioğlu: Traffic exiting Istanbul from the E5 and TEM highways will be free. Traffic coming into Istanbul will be suspended. Not a single police officer will leave Bayrampaşa. 

Brig. Gen. Mehmet Nail Yiğit: The prime minister is making a statement. 

Col. Ömer Faruk Özköse: A martial law order has been given. 

Major Mehmet Karabekir: They stopped me. I fired. Some are injured. There is no compromise or hesitation. 

Col. Sadık Cebeci: There are civilians in front of the Justice and Development (AK) Party’s Provincial Organization office. We need a tank. 

Major Mehmet Karabekir: Do not hesitate, crush them. 

Col. Sadık Cebeci: Okay. 

Col. Sadık Cebeci: Please detain the army commander.

Lt. Col. Mustafa Düzenli: I repeat the order. Crowds will be dispersed with fire. 



’15 people dead, we are shooting’ 

 Col. Müslüm Kaya: They are approaching the Disaster Coordination Center (AKOM). Our friends are shooting. 

Col. Uzay Şahin: Respond with fire, do not allow them to get close. 

Major Mehmet Karabekir: I am shooting at the crowd. Ten to 15 people are down. No losing initiative. 

Major Muammer Aygar: Intense clashes ongoing in Kuleli. We are firing at the crowd. 

Major Müslüm Kaya: Police have surrounded Taksim with armed vehicles, air support is constant, they are spraying gas. The aircraft should fly low over Taksim, Taksim is in trouble. They detained the soldiers in Taksim. Huge crowd. The situation in Taksim is bad. 



‘Let’s attack the second Istanbul bridge with aircraft’ 

 Major Muammer Aygar: Can we consider an air raid on Istanbul’s second bridge? 

Col Müslüm Kaya: Aircraft helped the situation in Taksim. It is calm now. 

Major Muammer Aygar: Can we do them same on the second bridge? 

Lt. Col. Uğur Coşkun: The public wants the police to take me. Shall we open fire, their numbers are great. 

Lt. Col. Uğur Coşkun: Our men at the governorate were crushed by the public and delivered to the police.  

Major Mehmet Karabekir: Crush them, no compromise. 

Lt. Col. Uğur Coşkun: The Aegean army called the operation center saying, do not act without our instruction. 

Col. Zeki Atmaca: Antennas in Çamlıca must urgently be destroyed. 

Col. Uzay Şahin: Do not get carried away and drop your weapons. 


‘We shot 4 people who resisted in Çengelköy’ 

 Lt. Col. Mustafa Düzenli: Thank God, many of the targets in Ankara and Istanbul have been taken. The statement was read at TRT. Those opposing our operation will face a grave response. 

Lt. Col. Uğur Coşkun: Police and the have public united. They are calling on staff at the governorate to surrender. Backup is needed. We do not have adequate strength. 

Major Mehmet Karabekir: Shoot right and left at Sabiha Gökçen, there is a problem there. 

Major Muammer Aygar: We shot four people who resisted in Çengelköy. No problem. 

Col. Sadık Cebeci: There are three to four thousand people at the AK Party Provincial Organization Office, we need backup. 

Lt. Col. The masses and the police opposing military forces will be stopped with weapons and tanks. 


 “Attack the Vatan Police Office!” 

 Capt. Şakir Çınar: We are unable to breach the security gate because of civilian traffic at Sabiha Gökçen Airport. Also, Police Special Operations is telling the Gendarme that they will fight. We are going to open civilian traffic and clash. 

Col. Uzay Şahin: Televisions need to be silenced. Attack Vatan Police Office if necessary. 

Major Mehmet Murat Çelebioğlu: The Vatan police office must be immediately attacked with armed vehicles. 

Col. Osman Akkaya: We are unable to enter Vatan. Air backup is needed. 


“Detain army commanders!” 

Major Mehmet Murat Çelebioğlu: Istanbul’s deputy police chief have been called and informed. Most of them are obeying. 

Col. Eyyüp Gürler: The first army chief must be taken immediately. 

Lt. Col. Muzaffer Düzenli: Intervention needed at Istanbul Moda Sea Club. There are generals who need to be brought in. Air Forces Commander Abidin Ünal is here. Intervention is needed here. 

Col. Sadık Cebeci: Urgent backup required at the AK Party Provincial Organization Office. Maybe even a helicopter, the crowd is growing exponentially. 


“I will attack the Sakarya Police Office” 

 Col. Uğur Çoşkun: Sakarya Provincial Security Chief informed, however he said he does not recognize it and will report to the governor. 

Col. Uğur Çoşkun: Resistance instructed on chief of police (Sakarya). Governor and chief of police are likely together.  

Col. Uzay Şahin: We are unable to receive news of the first army commander. 

Col. Osman Akkaya: I am planning to open fire on the Provincial Police Office. There is no other solution. 

 Col. Ahmet Zeki Gerehan: Army commander’s phone is ringing bu he is not answering. Can we not pinpoint his location? 


“Tanks should attack satellites in Çamlıca.”  

Col. Mustafa Kol: Atatürk Airport is under control. Entry banned. Exit free. 

Col. Sadık Cebeci: AK Party provincial organization is on the way. 

Col. Uzay Şahin: Do not let them through, you are free to shoot. 

Col. Osman Akkaya: They want to send police from Bayrampaşa. Block them.

Capt. Kadir Yıldız: Blocked. 

Col. Uzay Şahin: Tanks with Çamlıca Hill in view, shoot the satellites. İrfan, can you go to Çamlıca and shoot? 


‘Shoot anyone leading from AK Party!’ 

 Major Muammer Aygar: Helicopter needed for first and second bridge. We shot 20-30 people on the bridge. But our men on the second bridge are in trouble. Helicopter needed. 

Lt. Col. Muzaffer Düzenli: I am forwarding the order. Crowds will be shot at. Supporting media outlets will be silenced.  

Col. Müslüm Kaya: We need to stop the broadcasts. 

Major Muammer Aygar: We are losing the second bridge. 

Binbaşı Murat Yanık: Instruction received from Ankara; shoot.  

Col. Uzay Şahin: Shoot those leading in the AK Party Provincial Organization area. Air forces must act immediately. 


 ‘Surrender or flee’ 

 Major Muammer Aygar: Mosques need to be silenced. 

Major Muammer Aygar: Activity among police on the Asian side of first bridge. 

Capt. Mehmet Türk: Police entered 66, we are clashing. There are dead police. 

Major Mehmet Murat Çelebioğlu: Commander, we are trying to stay alive. Everybody should do what they need to survive. Mehmet Türk take measures, do not lose men. I received confirmation from Ankara. 

Major Murat Çelebioğlu: Surrender or flee. 


‘Save yourselves, I’m closing the group” 

 Major Muammer Aygar: Did they take the head? 

Binbaşı Mehmet Karabekir: Shall I go to the first army? 

Albay Cemaleddin Doğan: The battalion I sent from Lüleburgaz could not overcome the police barricade. Police arrested the battalion commander. 

Binbaşı Muammer Aygar: Murat, is the operation canceled? 

Binbaşı Mehmet Murat Çelebioğlu: Canceled commander. 

Albay Cemaleddin Doğan: Asymmetrical action from the top urgently required, or problem at the bottom may grow. 

Binbaşı Muammer Aygar: Are we leaving? 

Binbaşı Mehmet Murat Çelebioğlu: Yes, leave commander. 

Albay Cemaleddin Doğan: Shall we flee? 

Binbaşı Mehmet Murat Çelebioğlu: It’s your choice, we abandoned our positions. I am closing the group. If you like, delete the messages. 


This is just a portion of the conversations that transpired that night. But never forget… It is not over, they are continuing. 

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