The July 15 attack represents a clash of civilizations. That night, Turkey, the ‘last remaining homeland,’ became the region’s ‘motherland.’ They’re going to strike again before 2023. But they will suffer a fate worse than FETÖ. - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

The July 15 attack represents a clash of civilizations. That night, Turkey, the ‘last remaining homeland,’ became the region’s ‘motherland.’ They’re going to strike again before 2023. But they will suffer a fate worse than FETÖ.

05 July 2021, 10.22
İbrahim Karagül

İbrahim Karagül

The July 2016 coup attack and invasion attempt was a clash of civilizations. 

It is a fresh example of the West’s war against Islam, the West-Islam showdown of civilizations. It was a multinational attack aimed at stopping Turkey from making a regional comeback.

This is not a coup but a foreign intervention. This plan of theirs is motivated by the notion that if Turkey is stopped, they can keep the region under their control for another century.


First fight of the 21st century 

This is a massive project run by those planning to divide the region into city states, craving to purge Muslims from the world’s main axis, and seeking to prevent Turkey from challenging the West. 

The July 15 invasion attempt, planned and controlled by the U.S., EU countries, Israel, certain regional countries under their control, and their partners in our midst, is the largest attack we experienced since World War I and the founding of the Republic of Turkey. 

This is the first great fight of the 21st century; it is an ongoing showdown between the emerging power in this region and the Western world for exactly a thousand years, and has been determining the political history of the region since the 1071 Battle of Manzikert. 


Attacks were controlled from US bases that night

Western civilization attacked Turkey through an undertaker in conservative guise to try and stop the Muslim world, stop Turkey’s rise, and prevent the region’s axis from taking shape under Turkey’s leadership. 

The treacherous Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) was groomed and supported for decades, implanted within the state and society’s nervous system, and mobilized when the right time came. The West took action abroad while FETÖ took action within. 

That night the attack was controlled through U.S. bases. The nation and state’s values and institutions were attacked; those who defended the homeland were slaughtered. The aircraft and tanks belonging to this country were commanded by invasion forces, its southern borders were vacated, and naval ships attempted to invade their own country. 


An assassination attempt on Erdoğan. Execution teams took charge

Assassination teams were activated that night to kill then-Prime Minister President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Teams were formed to capture and execute everyone on Erdoğan’s team; the masses supporting him were declared enemies and suffered open attacks. 

The people of Anatolia, our patriotic citizens, who voluntarily poured into the streets that night, displayed an exemplary resistance, rarely seen in global history. They clashed not only with FETÖ militants but also the U.S. and Europe. They stood up in front of tanks and marched towards bullets. 

The history-making, region-building political gene rose up again and took action that night. 


Every frame captured that night represents political history 

Every photograph snapped that night represents political history. 

That night, a nation rose up a century later against those attempting to banish Turkey from history once more, and crushed the world’s biggest powers. 

Turkey took action that night. From east to west, north to south, cities stood up, millions poured into the streets to take action, and reversed history. 

That night, Turkey, the ‘last remaining homeland,’ became the region’s ‘motherland’ for the 21st century. 


FETÖ failed, and a new front was quickly established within 

July 15 represents more than a coup; it is more than an attack launched by FETÖ. If that were the case, the U.S., European countries, and the states under their control would not have protected FETÖ cells following its elimination. They protected “their men.” 

They took them under protection at NATO bases, at U.S. bases, and in U.S.-ally countries. 

If that were the case, the problem would have been solved once FETÖ was eliminated. But that was not what happened. A new front was built and instituted in FETÖ’s place. This time Turkey’s opposition and terrorist organizations were united, and a new, vaster “internal intervention alliance” was formed. 

All the people and groups that they invested in for decades, all the people and groups affiliated with them in Turkey were gathered under a single roof. 


Open preparation in works. They’re planning a grave attack ahead of 2023 

We saw and continue to see that these parties, individuals, groups and organizations speak a single language; they are supported by a single center, focused on a single objective, and that all the differences among them have been eliminated. 

They are carrying on a secret preparation, a hidden agenda under the guise of politics, domestic policy. Everything now is beyond the political line, beyond the democratic scale, and has turned into a national security issue, a social integrity issue, a Turkey issue. 

They are going to mobilize to stop Turkey. They are going to try and strike a blow on Turkey’s future. They are preparing the country and nation’s end. They are planning a grave attack ahead of 2023. 


Turkey marched to their forts

What happened after July 15, 2016? Turkey interpreted this attack with its millennia-long state experience and civilization identity. It developed an extraordinary area of influence from Libya to Karabakh, the Persian Gulf to the Red Sea, Syria to the East Mediterranean. 

Turkey did remain on the defensive but marched to their forts. In five years it built a power domain that no other country could possibly achieve. It not only struck the assassins but their bosses as well. 


They will be defeated again. Those within will suffer consequences

Regardless of what they do or plan, Turkey will only get stronger after every attempt to attack. It will build a much greater power. They suffer a worse fate and be even more humiliated than they were on July 15.

We are expecting this attack to happen before 2023. But we also know how we will stop the attack, how far we will advance, and how Turkey will rise while they lose strength. 

Those within will suffer the consequences. They will be in a more pitiful state than FETÖ. 

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