The year 2023 will bear witness to a grave showdown. Will ‘our Turkey’ or ‘their Turkey’ emerge victorious? Will Western support suffice for the ‘alliance of revenge’ to succeed? - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

The year 2023 will bear witness to a grave showdown. Will ‘our Turkey’ or ‘their Turkey’ emerge victorious? Will Western support suffice for the ‘alliance of revenge’ to succeed?

27 September 2021, 10.28
İbrahim Karagül

İbrahim Karagül

Turkey’s great ascension that started in the 21st century will undertake its first vital test in 2023. The big question is, will Turkey’s axis continue this potent rise or will it be stopped? 

 Will Turkey’s axis, which carved a path itself in all global-scale power domains, reaching every corner of the earth, be able to break the front within and abroad, or will it enter a dangerous interregnum? 

Will the continuity of the Seljuk, Ottoman, and Republic states, the political legacy that has been writing history and designing the region through this tradition for centuries, augment this role and power, or will it be cut short? 


They will attack Turkey in 2023 with all their might

 The year 2023 will host a final showdown. Those abroad are going to attack Turkey through their inside alliances and fronts to realize their political and geopolitical theories. 

 They lost their old power, and they are unable to do as they please anymore. Nonetheless, they will still try. They used to attack in the past to keep Turkey under control. This time they will attack “to prevent Turkey from growing further, and from posing a threat to them.” 

 They are going to utilize the alliances formed inside Turkey through anti-President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan sentiment, the vengeance plans of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party’s (PKK), and the personal vendettas and rage of political leaders as weapons. 

You will see this as a political struggle, an election race, but there will always be plans “aimed at stopping Turkey” in the background. The threat perceptions of those abroad, the vengeance, as well as the “dependence” of those within will always appear as a great threat to Turkey. 


Political parties drew FETÖ, PKK into their axis.

 It is shocking that the West’s threat perceptions and the objectives of the alliances in Turkey correspond to this extent. 

This is how terrorist organizations have always been. FETÖ was like this. So was the PKK. 

They were overtly utilized in Turkey for the Western order, tutelage, and control. They were positioned to keep Turkey weak, at bay, and to divide in the case it disobeyed. 

Political parties being drawn to this axis is the crux of the matter. They drifted so far that they were persuaded of the position that the U.S. and Europe determined for the PKK and FETÖ. 

Those who needed to fight for Turkey, who needed to mobilize for the country’s welfare, harmony, peace, security, and strengthening agreed to this position, which necessitated them to attack Turkey within, and stop it abroad. 


PKK failed. FETÖ failed. They’re now using them 

The PKK failed. FETÖ failed. Hence, new roles are being cast now. They are being put into action. 

As power domains are being re-identified worldwide, as Turkey is striving to find a strong and powerful place for itself amid this great crisis, none of them proposed a single plan or suggestion that would support Turkey. 

This will not and cannot happen, because they have been cast a role to return Turkey to its former state. 

They are uniting for a weak, poor, restless, dark, and dull Turkey, with bombs raining down on its cities; a Turkey that is stuck within its borders, that finds no peace even there, and that grapples with internal conflicts, political crises, while it is consumed by economic crises. 

Lies, schemes, their hidden agenda: If Turkey fails to make it through 2023, it will be divided

They take position in every line and front that is against Turkey, and oppose it whenever it takes a stance. They are using a tactic learned from FETÖ, a horrific deception and scheme campaign, a psychological operation to cause confusion in order to hide this from the public. This lie and scheme strategy are aimed at concealing that hidden agenda! 

 As the 21st century took shape, Turkey had two options. It was either going to shrink to continue its existence or grow. It could never remain as is. Turkey activated its historical political codes, and chose to exist through growth and bolstering its strength. If it had not done this, it would have been divided. 

 If Turkey cannot make it through 2023, if this power surge is stopped, it will certainly shrink. In other words, it will be divided. If the political front established within succeeds, this end is inevitable. 


Signaling Davutoğlu, Babacan: Stop Erdoğan within. Stop Turkey abroad

This is why 2023 is the final showdown. You can perceive this as a showdown with Erdoğan within, but the project is being pursued abroad as an operation aimed at stopping Turkey. 

The statement of Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, “There may be new additions to the Nation Alliance,” signaling former Ahmet Davutoğlu (Future Party) and Ali Babacan (Democracy and Progress Party), was made to strengthen the “final showdown” of 2023.

The Western bloc is weakening. The U.S. and Europe are losing the power to design the world. The Atlantic is no longer the world’s center. The political powers supported by the Atlantic will also lose strength. So will their Turkey project.

While there is doubt cast over whether Kılıçdaroğlu’s political career will even make it to 2023, myriad developments can befall a political front formatted under his lead. 


Who brought you together? Who are the secret partners, bosses involved? 

Who amassed people who would never be seen dead together under a single roof? Who gathered on the same front political parties that could never come to an agreement? Even the answer to this question alone explains everything. 

Do you think such an alliance is among political parties only? They have other secret partners like FETÖ and the PKK. They also have bosses abroad, such as the U.S. and Europe. 

Yet the world, new power shift may make this challenging. The world is taking shape contrary to their desires. It was only recently that they had established an anti-Turkey front in the Arab world. It was meant to cooperate with the front within. 

They collapsed in less than two years. Even they realized that the operation aimed at “stopping Turkey” with the U.S. and the West was nothing but a pipe dream. 

This is not an interior policy or a political analysis. Turkey is a global power; nothing is local anymore. Viewing it all from this perspective, considering the radical change around the world, it seems that those within cannot achieve anything through signals from the West, that this will not suffice. 


‘Our Turkey’ or ‘their Turkey’? Will it be a great establishment or a great fall? 

There is no doubt that 2023 will be a final showdown for the “continuity of states” and that political gene. There is going to be a major clash between Turkey’s axis and the Western tutelage. 

 There is going to be a battle between those whose feet are grounded in this land, and the orders received from the U.S. and European capitals. Which Turkey will it be? “Our Turkey” or “their Turkey”? This will become clear. 

 The local and foreign will clash. Those who want to strengthen this country and those who want to shrink it will compete. 

 Anatolia and the region’s rise will clash against the “alliance of revenge” and the imperial forces behind them. 

 The year 2023 will mark a great establishment or a great fall. 

 Leave your political identities aside. Lend strength to “Turkey’s axis”!

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